Week 8: Genetics--What we do/don't want to know about our future....

Think about the four extremes in the space we define in the image above: 1: Definitely DON'T want to know, personally; 2: Definitely DON'T want to know, for a population; 3: Definitely do want to know, personally; and 4: Definitely DO want to know, for a population. 

Do some research online or in the library to find a news story about genetic manipulation or analysis.  Think about where that news story fits in the space defined above.  At this link, add a page containing the following:

1--a link to your article, including its title, authors, source, and publication date

2--place a shape with identifying text inside it (with a few words summarizing your article) on slide 1 of this Google Slides file,of whatever shape/size you think is appropriate, showing where you think your story's content would go

3--write a page or two explaining what the article is about and WHY you think it goes where you would place it in the Google Slides diagram (based on the image above)

4--once you've "published" your article through PredictionX.org,add that link not only as your assignment entry here on Canvas, but back on the diagram from Step 2 (using add link in the Google Slide)

Here's the diagram resulting from (and pointing to) the entries at this page.