Maya Spacetime Oyewole

The Mayan spacetime prediction system was based off of looking at the events that went on during past and present auspicious astronomical moments, then using astronomy and the similarities to predict what will happen in the future on othere auspicious days. These moments were believed to be thimes when things happening in higher spheres affected out everyday lives. For more information visit their website.

This system was an interesting mixture of deterministic and human modes of prediction. This mode was very deterministic. The astronomer-preist, would study the heavens. They would learn about how things moved. The regularity with which different events would happen. They would then use this model to look at when past astrophysical events occured and compare them to historical records to see what patterns they could notice. This model was also very much based on humans as well though. Priest and royalty were trained to communicate with the spirit world so that it their actions would have an impact on us. In addition only priests were trained to predict events making them actual fortune tellers.

This system applied to groups by allowing the states to prepare for perceived terrible things that would happen during terrible days like the death of a king on the day of an eclipse. People would use the knowledge they gained from priests to prepare for bad times. In addition, one could individually go to apriest and ask to know what was going on in the spirit world that was affecting their personal life and get help to correct an ill will towards them, by curing illnesses. In some cases preists would even predict people's futures for them.

This system seems to insinuate that humans have free will, but some determined evetns. Individuals are free to act as they want according to mayan lore. They can go and do whatever they want and know that they can cotrol their own destiny. The gods and other being only get involved to affect conditions and major events going on, but people's personal live are their own. But sometimes priests woudl also predict people's futures. They would "peer into the deeper layers of realiy" and tell them what the gods had in store for them. Though it still seems like people were free to make their own choices, they were saying that no matter what certain things would definitely happen