Predicting Obesity Crouin


Title: FEBC: A Genetic Predisposition to Being Overweight? It's More Likely Than Some Think

Author: Financial Education Benefits Center

Nov 5, 2018, 8:00am EST


What if we could know if a baby was predestine to obesity? Would it help to put the issue under control? What would be the psychological impact on a person, on a population?

Obesity is a health issue that is very dominant in large parts of the world and, especially in America. The Financial Education Benefits Center is trying to counter this issue.

According to the article, people who have “one or more sets of [the FTO gene] are so prone to obesity in the future”. In fact, people get hungry when a certain chemical is released into the body and alert the brain that he needs food. Once you have eaten, the chemical is supposed to be released in a small quantity. The people with the FTO gene will continue to release this chemical and will be likely to ingest more food and so, consume more calories.

If people knew that they have the FTO gene in their body, how would they react personally? One reaction would be that they will take more care of their body, and they will be sensitized to what they eat and how they can lose calories by doing some exercises. In another hand, people could feel ashamed, and would maybe feel guilty to give the gene to their child.

In a larger scale, if you talk about a population, knowing who is predestined to be overweighed could help governments and governmental health agencies to implement health measures in the country.