When will environmental factors make the Earth uninhabitable? Kim


When will environmental factors make the Earth uninhabitable? Based off of current environmental trends, there is growing concern that human impact on climate is an irreversible process. As such, while nations have increased initiatives to adopt environmentally friendly policies and practices, it seems more likely that Earth’s expiration date may be approaching faster than many believe.


Because environmental sustainability has become a topic of great discussion, many scientists and conservationists have developed metrics by which to predict the increasing temperature of the Earth. Albeit a wide range of stances on climate change, the majority believe that human actions contribute to global warming. With this understanding, a multitude of environmentalists have created global climate models in recent years to demonstrate just how significant the compounding effects on our climate are. Many models take in various past and present factors such as amounts of carbon emissions, prior temperature fluctuations, and renewable energy outputs in order to attempt to make accurate predictions about future average temperatures across the globe.

Because of their basis in scientific observation, the models are likely to be reliable. Many of them use probability curves as their prediction method, with median, upper end, and lower end calculations of temperature values to evaluate the varying levels of unpredictable uncertainty. As such, instead of outputting a single temperature value, models that predict climate change may give a range of values with varying levels of probability that are more encompassing of different factors that scientists are unable to predict. However, models such as these are unable to take into account the effect that potential legislative pieces may have if countries decide to take greater action to lower the human footprint.