Will humans find another plant to live on? Jones

  1. What would you, personally, most like to know about the future?
    Phrase your answer as a question, and explain it in just a few sentences. The question can relate to your own personal future, or a societal-level future.


Will humans find another plant to live on? I’ve always thought about aliens, and how immense the universe is. As technology advances and the earth becomes less habitable, lots of money and resources will by placed into travelling farther out into the universe where ultimately they find another habitable planet, with beings already living there. This effects my personal future, because I enjoy studying the unknown, and being a part of a NASA team that is looking for new planets may be a career path for me. Whether this exciting new science will be available in my lifetime is unknown, and that is something that I seek to know about the future.



  1. Think about ways that people (not necessarily you) anywhere, today, would seek predictive answers to the question you posed above. Write just a few paragraphs (not more than the equivalent of 1 page) about the predictive systems the person seeking to the answer to your question might use. Consider questions such as: When/where did the system originate? Is it likely to be reliable? How can you evaluate uncertainty using it? Would you use this system? in answering this part. No need to answer all of these sample questions, and feel free to include other thoughts--our goal as a group in our Seminar meeting in Week 2, will be to discuss the nature of various predictive systems in the context of the questions you raise.

To predict what I talked about above requires the study of several fields. The first of which being the planet Earth. The notion that government funding goes into the exploration of an alternate planet means that life for a lot of people earth is miserable. A prediction, likely in the form of a model is necessary by scientists to determine when the overall temperature of the earth has risen enough that its effects make life on earth impossible unless you are the top 10% of the population. There are thousands of models that predict, at what temperature rise will be too much for the earth to handle, and these models all have their inaccuracies. Some systems base the temperature rise limit off how many feet can the sea level rise, whereas other models are based off a different analysis. Climate change is such a complex issue, that it is hard to tell which effect of temperature rise will truly make life on earth impossible.

Next it is necessary to predict whether there are other forms of life present in the universe. For myself, I consider how massive the universe is, and how much is still left unexplored. There are only predictions about how much there is left to explore, and this alone tells that these sources aren’t very reliable. My inclination that there are other life forms arises because of how little we truly know about the rest of the universe.