Will I End Up Happy? Orcutt

Will I end up happy? I hope that at the end of my life I will be able to make peace with what I left behind. I hope that I will be content with my relationships, my accomplishments, and my legacy. If I knew now that everything would work out in the end, then I could worry much less in the present.

One route people go if they want a prediction is to see a fortune teller. Fortune tellers use a multitude of methods to tell their clients future. They make use of palm readings, tarot cards, and tea leaves. A fortune teller would work well for my inquires because they can be asked specific questions about the future and give back detailed explanations. On the contrary, methods that rely on probability like rolling dice would be less suitable to the situation.

The fortune tellers of today are similar to a prominent figure in ancient Greece: the Oracle of Delphi. People would come from far and wide to ask the Pythia questions and get a prediction of their future. The Pythia was trusted with some of the most important political matters and was deemed a reliable source by the ancient Greeks. However, the fortune tellers of today are not as esteemed as the Oracle of Delphi. One could test the reliability of a fortune teller by asking previous customers. Still, there would be no way to evaluate the certainty of the prediction until the time comes when I could actually see the outcome. In this case, that is at the end of a life. So, I would have to wait years before I could actually determine the accuracy. The question ‘Will I end up happy?’ in nature gives way to uncertainty and subjectivity. With that in mind, I would still be open to using a fortune teller.

Another predictive method that can be used today is astrology. Astrology dates as far back as ancient Egypt and has been continuously used in many cultures since. However, the value that people give astrology today is much less than would have been given thousands of years ago. Now, many people just keep up with their horoscope for fun. Astrology is beneficial because it can be extremely specific to one person if they know their birth date, time, and location. However, horoscopes and birth charts can be very generalized in order to appeal to a large audience. Also, I could not find the answer to a specific question unless I decided to seek out help from an expert. Even if I did take that route, the only way to evaluate their accuracy is to wait and see if the prediction was sound. While I enjoy looking at my horoscope, I think I would be more likely to go to a fortune teller if I were planning on asking a specific question than I would be to turn to astrology.