Week 3: Contextualizing Predictive Systems

Meat of this assignment...

Find your system on edX, read through all the material and watch the videos on its page. Also take at least a quick look at the "Additional Resources" offered at the bottom of the system's page.  Once you've become familiar with the system, add a new post here  containing the following (not necessarily in exactly this order):

  1. A very brief description(1 or 2 sentences) of your assigned system, including a linkto your system on edX for readers to "learn more."
  2. A consideration of how your system relates to the "Frameworkfor Predictive Systems" (reproduced below for reference). 
  3. Thoughts on how/when/why your system applies to individualsgroupssocieties,or combinations thereof.
  4. Thoughts on how your system relates to ideas onfree willvs. determinism, keeping in mind the background you'll have read about in The Lathe of Laplacesection of The Pursuit of Destiny.