Free Will, Determinism, and Predictability

Essays in response to...

In a short essay (about 2 pages), discuss the level to which the future may be pre-determined (or is predictable at all), from one of three points of view--either: 1) Physicist; 2) Biologist; or 3) Philosopher.  (It's up to you to choose which point of view interests you most--and my hope is that our group's interests are diverse enough that we will have coverage across all three.)

For whichever of the three themes you choose, research your essay using at least two sources beyond the Pursuit of Destiny chapter (2) assigned for this week.  Some suggested resources are below, but feel free to use any book/article/reputable web site that offers pertinent information.  Please include citations and/or links to the sources your use.

Please post your answers to the OpenScholar site.

Suggested Resources