PredictionX LogoHumans are alone in the animal kingdom as worriers.  We are the only ones who expend tremendous amounts of time, energy and resources trying to know and understand our futures before they happen.   The Prediction Project  is a coordinated investigation of the history of prediction, beginning with Ancient Mesopotamians reading signs in sheep entrails, and ending with modern computer simulations of climate, health, wealth, and the fate of our Universe.   

Through this web site, an online collection of resources called PredictionX, a freshman seminar at Harvard, a new GenEd Course coming to Harvard in 2020, and someday a book, Professor Alyssa Goodman, colleagues, and students are talking together about how motivations and techniques for divining the future have changed–-and not changed--over human history. A key motivation behind the Prediction Project is to inspire a deeper global conversation about how today, unlike in the past, quantitative simulation allows us to quantify how “certain” we can be about various aspects of  the future--including climate change.

Overview of PredictionX

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