Our material is freely available and open-source as an IQSS Github Repository. Other programs are welcome to copy ("clone") the repository and use the material for their own math prefresher. We welcome edits, additional material, and other contributions through email or pull requests, and hope this helps different programs to work more closely together to improve them all.

Here are the prefresher programs we know about. To add others or correct a link, please email us.

School  Links
Columbia Calendar Event (2018)
Cornell Contact: Bryce Corrigan
Duke Syllabus (2019)
Emory Syllabus (2017)
Harvard Website
Michigan Syllabus (2016)
MIT Course Information (2019)
NYU Contact: Martin Quitana
OSU Website
Princeton Website
Stanford Material
U of Chicago Website
UC Berkeley Syllabus (2017)
UC San Diego Contact: James Fowler
UCLA Contact: Jeff Lewis
UNC - Chapel Hill Contact: Stephen Gent
UPenn Contact: Dorothy Kronick
Wash U in St. Louis Contact: Jacob Montgomery
Wisconsin - Madison Material (2018)

Schools sorted alphabetically