Programming Material

The afternoons of the 2018 prefresher will be dedicated to programming and managing data. Our material is part of our main text (


We ask participants to do the following before the first day of the prefresher. 


Make a Rstudio Cloud account ( and work through two of their “primers” - interactive tutorials. If you have a account, you can “Sign in by Gmail”. We will be using Rstudio Cloud for the programming portion of the course. Moreover, the interactive tutorials will help you familiarize yourself with basic programming concepts and R.



Other Preliminaries

Secure a laptop you can use throughout the prefresher. If you do not have one at the moment, we can arrange to have you borrow a laptop from IQSS. Please contact the instructors.

Through the following links, Install these three Applications on your laptop (either Windows or Mac), if you do not have them already.

R is the statistical program we will concentrate on in the prefresher. RStudio is a graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it easier for users to use R. Separately, TeX is a typesetting software. All are free of charge. 

If you do have R and/or RStudio on your laptop already, please try to update both of them to their newest version (Search "Check for updates" in Help)