New lab currently recruiting undergraduates, technicians, phd students, postdocs, visiting scientists!




Keywords: biophysics, single-molecule fluorescence, single-particle electron microscopy, cryo-EM, cathodoluminescence, cathodophores, inorganic nanoparticles for biology, cryo-vitrification, time-resolved vitrification, cell signaling, GPCRs, neuroscience

Electron microscopy is an ideal imaging technique to study biological cells at the nanoscale. However, typically electron microscopy only provides static black-and-white images. In an effort to enable multicolor and time-resolved electron microscopy, my lab will develop dedicated molecular probes and instrumentation for new correlative light and electron microscopy modalities, and build next-generation biophysical tools for time-resolved cryo-vitrification and high-resolution imaging of cells. These methods will be used to elucidate the nanoscale protein and membrane dynamics of G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling in differentiated cells and complex tissues.


CURRENTLY RECRUITING undergraduates, technicians, PhD students, postdocs, visiting scholars and other scientists interested in the following research areas:


1) Instrumentation development for single-particle fluorescence and electron imaging

2) Synthesis, functionalization, and biological applications of nanoparticles

3) Cell biology of GPCR signaling and of neural transmission


If you are interested in joining or have other questions, please send an e-mail to To apply, briefly describe your research experience, scientific interests, and career goals, attach your CV, and provide contact information for three references.