• Cell culture
  • Cardiomyocytes
  • Single-molecule tracking
  • Single molecules in a cardiomyocyte
  • TEM of a cell
  • Transmission electron microscopy image of rare-earth nanoparticles.
  • Monte Carlo simulation of electroncs exciting a rare-earth nanoparticle.
  • Zemax simulations
  • Mechanical design
  • Optical simulations of a parabolic mirror.
  • Cells on grid
  • Cryo-electron microscopy image of apoferritin protein.
  • Cryogen containers
  • Simulation of cryo-plunging
  • TEM grid with thermocouple

Our lab is developing new biophysical methods to visualize and understand the spatiotemporal organization of cell signaling.


We are located in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and the Department of Applied Physics at Harvard University.