Open positions

We are always looking for talented and motivated people to join our group at any level (undergraduates, technicians, PhD students, postdocs, visiting scholars, etc.). People with a background in any area of science, engineering, or mathematics are welcome. We are currently pursuing work in the following general areas:


  • Biophsyical instrumentation and optics
  • Cryo-electron microscopy for structural and cell biology
  • Synthesis, functionalization, and biological applications of nanoparticles
  • Cell biology and pharmacology of GPCR signaling and of neural transmission
  • Microfluidics and microfabrication
  • Computational and theoretical fluid dynamics
  • AI for image processing and fast instrumentation control
  • Biopsy and endoscopy

If you are interested in joining or have other questions, please contact Prof. Max Prigozhin at

Graduate students are encouraged to apply through the following PhD programs at Harvard:

  • Molecules, Cells, and Organisms
  • Applied Physics
  • Systems, Synthetic, and Quantitative Biology

In your application, please indicate your interest in pursuing your PhD work with in the Prigozhin group.