Open positions

We are always looking for talented and motivated people to join our group at any level (undergraduates, technicians, PhD students, postdocs, visiting scholars). People with a background in any area of science, engineering, or mathematics are welcome. We are currently pursuing work in the following general areas:


  • Cell / systems / organoid biology and pharmacology of signaling
  • Neural transmission and synaptic architecture
  • Biophsyical instrumentation and optics, single-molecule fluorescence
  • Electron microscopy (cryo, scanning, and transmission) for structural and cell biology
  • Cryo-vitrification: cryo-plunging and high-pressure freezing
  • AI and algorithms for image processing and instrumentation control
  • Synthesis and biological applications of luminescent probes

If you are interested in joining the group , please contact Prof. Max Prigozhin at

Graduate students are encouraged to apply through the following PhD programs at Harvard University:

In your application, please indicate your interest in pursuing your PhD work in the Prigozhin group.