From the perspective of business stakeholders, what would make for good federal policy?

 Tech Professionals Want Privacy Laws, Not Regulation

When considering the state of privacy legislation in the United States, we must examine how business stakeholders have responded to calls for increased privacy online. After all, it is likely that private companies would be most impacted by legislation in the model of GDPR or the CCPA. In our survey, the majority of respondents, all undergrads at Harvard, highlighted the role that private companies might play in preventing the development of federal privacy legislation.  By examining the public positions of large Internet companies, and interviewing privacy lawyers in private enterprise, we will seek to assess whether it is truly the case that private companies in the United States oppose further privacy legislation. Are tech companies aligned on the issue of privacy? And, for corporations, what would the ideal form of a privacy law be in the United States?  


In an attempt to better understand how businesses think about privacy, we spoke with privacy counsels at Microsoft, Google and Palantir.