Provenance Tools

This is a non-exhaustive list of tools for provenance (in a large sense). Please contact us at if you believe a tool should be added to this list.

Provenance Capture
CamFlow* An open-source project to bring observed provenance collection to the Linux Operating System. Comply with W3C PROV-DM standard.
Jupyter A notebook style IDE for ``literate programming.''
Kepler A system for creating scientific workflows with explicit provenance capture tools.
LPM An open-source project to bring observed provenance collection to the Linux Operating System. Comply with W3C PROV-DM standard.
RDataTracker* An R library to capture fine resolution provenance from R scripts and RMarkDown notebooks. Comply with W3C PROV-DM standard.
recordr An R library to capture coarse provenance from scripts written in R and intended to work in conjunction with the DataOne scientific database.
Starflow* A fine resolution provenance library for the Python language.
Provenance Storage and Query
Core Provenance Library* A portable, multi-lingual library that application programmers can easily incorporate into a variety of tools to collect and integrate provenance. W3C PROV-DM version is available
Dataverse An open-source repository platform to archive and share data, currently developing support for Provenance. It will accept any provenance data following W3C PROV standard.
DataOne An open-source repository platform, accepting provenance following the recordr format.
Git Version control system that tracks changes made to code or
  other files with provenance-like capabilities.
Provenance Analysis and Visualization
CamFlow Visualiser* A web-visualiser providing a graphical, network-based
  representation of provenance. Accept any W3C PROV-DM compliant data.
Provoviz A web-visualiser providing a Sankey Diagrams representation of provenance. Accept any PROV-DM compliant data.
DDG-Explorer* Provenance visualiser for the RDataTracker library.
Orbiter* A visualisation tool developed for large provenance graph.
Vistories Data visualization tools based on rich provenance information used to efficiently communicate scientific finding.
Caleydo An open-source framework to visualize data-set interdependencies. This served as a building block for vistories.

* developped in collaboration with Provenance@Harvard