PSIL highlights

  • The PSIL '20 family

    The PSIL '20 Family!

    Staff and participants of PSIL '20

  • PSIL Harvard team with CM Biren

    H-team with CM Biren (PSIL '20)

  • Foldscopes

    Foldscopes (PSIL '20)

    Nurturing curiosity - a foldscope for every student

  • Floating hut - Loktak lake

    Floating hut - Loktak lake

    The PSIL team enjoyed an overnight stay in a floating hut, courtesy of Armstrong Pame and the Globals Shapers (Imphal)!

  • Teacher info panel

    Teacher info panel (PSIL '19)

    Open Q&A with the Harvard teachers

  • PSIL '19 team

    Team PSIL '19

    Allison, Ellen, Dominic, Chris Li, Sam Kessler (Team Harvard) Steffi, Kunjarani, Manju, Jyosita, Diana (Team Imphal)

  • PSIL '19 family

    PSIL '19 family

    PSIL group photo in front of Don Bosco School, where Dr. Dominic Mao received his early education.

  • Emoinu Group

    Special guests of Dr. RK Nimai for the Emoinu festival celebration

Director's welcome

DMaoScience is not only for scientists and engineers, but permeates all of our lives. The methodology can be applied to virtually every academic and career pursuit (or even tasks in our everday lives, for example - consuming the news). PSIL emphasizes and demonstrates this by delivering a curriculum that has the scientific method as its foundation with the goal of  holistic development. PSIL welcomes students from all academic fields (the more diverse the better!) and the only prerequisite to apply is proficiency in English. 

Through PSIL, I aim to share with high school students in India one of Harvard's most valuable resource - some of its best minds. I was lucky to have many great mentors during my formative years and the best way to pay it forward is by establishing this program to bring some excellent mentors from Harvard to India! 


Dominic Mao, PhD (Lecturer, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard)