About PSIL

PSIL brings together three separate groups of students to create the PSIL community: Harvard undergraduates, prospective teachers in the state of Manipur, and high school students from various schools in Manipur. While high school students are developing leadership skills, Harvard undergraduates and prospective teachers from Manipur are learning how to be effective teachers. By interacting with one another, all three groups gain a deeper understanding of teaching and learning as well as expand their worldviews as they share experiences with people from many different backgrounds.

The program was founded by Dominic Mao, who grew up in Imphal, India before moving to the United States for his Ph.D. in 2007. The inaugural conference in January of 2019 brought together three Harvard undergraduates, five teacher fellows from Manipur, and 60 high school students from Imphal.

PSIL for Harvard Undergraduates

For Harvard undergraduates, PSIL is a nine day commitment. Before PSIL begins, the Harvard team arrives early to begin prepping materials for the conference. An important component of the program is cultutal immerssion, where the Harvard team learn about the history and culture of Manipur by visiting various sites with the teaching team from Manipur.