Why upload your replication study?

  • Store your replication data in a professional way.
  • Promote your work in the political science community.
  • Get an official DOI citation.
  • Get valuable feedback on your study.
  • Be a trendsetter: join the replication efforts in the community to cross-check published work and advance knowledge.

Why have a repository for replications?

Re-analyses and robustness checks are one way of verifying and commenting on studies. Subjecting studies to collaborative scrutiny raises the reliability of research. However, many journals hesitate to publish replications. Creating a repository to host replications that are already being done, but not shared, is a step in the right direction.

We would also like to see journals publishing replications. Authors can post to the repository and still later submit their replication to journals. Thus, our site operates much in the same way that ArXiv, NBER and SSRN do. We host...

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Are submitted replications peer-reviewed?

No, they are not. We do, however, have certain requirements that all submissions must be fulfilled to be posted on the site (see guidelines).

There are two main reasons that we opted not to have a peer review journal-like process. First, we want replicators to be able to submit their studies later on to journals, if they wish. Keeping our effort a “repository” like ArXiv or SSRN, rather than more like a journal, ensures that this will be possible....

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How will we judge the quality of the replications?

Our submission process does not include peer review. But it does include several other measures to allow users to judge quality. We ask all authors submitting replications to note whether their replication has been replicated or checked by someone else, whether by a professor (if the researcher in question is a student) or another researcher. We also require that replicators provide the materials necessary for others to replicate their work. Finally, we require that replicators notify original authors about the replication, and we give the original author time to respond before making the...

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