In PTK Students' Own Words

Q&A with recent PTK Scholarship recipients

How has your experience at Harvard changed your professional trajectory and/or your sense of self?

"I am in my final semester before graduating and I am full of pride of this accomplishment.  At work, a promotion is already being planned for me upon my degree completion."

Students walking along a path in Harvard Yard as the sun is setting

"Harvard has opened my eyes, expanded my world, and my overall view on life. I had never been to school outside of my state and my world view was so small... Harvard Extension not only gave me an opportunity to learn from the greatest professors but it provided me a wide network to communicate and connect with. My professors have all done great things: they genuinely want to connect with you, share their experience and perspective, and help you grow. The challenge is up to the student to take the time to connect, attend office hours, and ask those questions."



What tips or advice would you give to PTK members who are exploring Harvard Extension School as an option?

"Don't wait.  Life will always get in the way if you let it.  Just register, get started and you can sort life out as you go.  I have taken only one class per semester due to my family life and work schedule so it has taken me a long time to graduate, but it is 100% worth it."

The statue of John Harvard that is located within Harvard Yard

"Believe that you're worth it. Don't be intimidated by thinking you're not good enough or smart enough. At Harvard, you will meet a lot of people smarter than yourself, but you will be amazed how well you can do, and how beneficial it is to be challenged intellectually like that."

"Be ready to work, and ease into the routine until you know what classes are going to be like and how they will affect your schedule."

"Go for it!  Give it your all and pace yourself if you are not sure you can handle a large classload."


Is Harvard what you imagined it to be? 

"Prior to my first courses, I anticipated Harvard to be cold and non-welcoming, a hall for dry lectures and condescending academics... Now that my academic career with Harvard is almost at a close, I see how my fears at a "cold and non-welcoming" Harvard were inaccurate.  From the professors, teaching fellows, and advisors to even the emails from support staff, everyone has been welcoming, supportive, and encouraging.  What a breath of fresh air experience!"

An arial photo taken in Annenburg Hall showing many students eating a meal at tables in this dining hall