Partnership Ideas Generated from the Workshop

First Last Institution Ideas for partnerships
Sean  Quimby Columbia University Better articulate relationship as Harlem institutions in terms of collection building, processing, and digitization. 
Katie Henningsen Duke Discussions around shared ideas, goals, and interests that might grow into partnerships.
Shared resources, expertise, and building capacities.
Tom Hyry Harvard University Set up a coalition of willing respositories (HBCU and PWI) to connect HistoryMakers interviewees with archives ready to assume stewardship for collections. for archives
Expand work begun at Schlesinger into other parts of Harvard, such as Houghton Library, Harvard University Archives and others.
Can Ivy Plus Libraries and HBCU Library Alliance create an effective partnership? 
Claire Withers University of Pittsburgh Definitely exploratory conversations!!!
Perhaps an internship experience with an HBCU who has collections that relate to our collections.
This is one idea and, of course, there are other library stakeholders to bring onboard, including but not limited to, administrators so that funding is available. 
Aaron Rubenstein Umass Amherst We have rich overlap with many HBCUs in the Horace Mann Bond and W.E.B. Du Bois papers. Excited about opportunities of shared discovery/connections.
As a [land grant list], many of our early African American students became intimately involved with HBCUs. We need to celebrate this historic connection. 
Yolanda Cooper Emory University 1) How can we meet Alice Walker's request to collaborate with Spelman Archives.
2) Hoping to meet with [___] local institutions to brainstorm.
3) There is a group that meets and we have a rep. I will ask if [that?] can be a topic. 
Eric Pumroy Bryn Mawr College 1) Expand College Women org project to include HBCU Women's College collections.
2) Create partnership with [more?] HBCU-- could include financial support, internships, collaboration on project[s]. 
Alexis Antracoli Princeton University Student exchanges
Exploring historical connections between Princeton and Lincoln
Staff exchanges
Support for consortial online finding aids to make HBCU collections more accessible online
Digitization projects that pull together related material
Multi-institutional collecting initiatives
Daniel Hartwig Stanford University Community History Toolkit (ready now)
ePADD (email [administration ?]) (ready now) 
Susan Sutton Indiana Historical Society I'd like to connect with more of the African American churches around our state-- we had a good project with Bethel A.M.E. in Indianapolis and would like more. 
DeLisa Minor Harris Fisk University Making a library connection through a fellowship program. Fisk students and another institution's students
National Park Service Partnership related to Julius Rosenwald Fund Archive at Fisk University
Staff Training Institute centered on digitization, digital projects, digital humanities 
Rolando  Herts Delta State University We are an emerging archive and need funding and tech assistance
[Securing?] [Leveraging?] acquired Alan Lomax Mississippi Delta Collection with Association for Cultural Equity at Hunter College and Library of Congress to [reintroduce] collection to local communities
Would like to partner with archival experts on best practivies for organizing [D and E?] collection in digital space
Digitize other material [____?]-- need assistance 
Mary Yearwood Schomburg Center Not yet crystalized but very interested. MY. 
Lopez Matthews Howard University Support in digitizing collections
Possible support with processing collections 
Monika Rhue Johnson C. Smith Andrea Jackson
MBRC-- To learn about this Consortium and how to start in NC.
JCSU-- Internship/Exchange
Kari Smith MIT Institute Archives I would like to work with Spelman College to connect on the Women @ MIT Archival Collections Project on linking our African American women's education/faculty collections with Spelman's archives. And I'd love to learn from Holly Smith about collecting and describing the records of women's educational/teaching.