Inspired by https://hr.mit.edu/recognition and https://mindhandheart.mit.edu/RAKWeek2020, we're running an impromptu Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week for reading period (4/28-5/5). 

This is a chance for you to intentionally notice and practice kindness.

Some ideas for RAK:

  • Write an encouraging note to a friend
  • Order food for a best friend
  • Connect with support resources on campus.
  • Help a classmate
  • Send someone who's helped you (like a former teacher) a thank you note

Thank kind people, request help, or send in wholesome messages, and get rewarded for it by sharing this form: https://bit.ly/RAKwk

Nominators and nominees will be eligible to win one of many(!) $20 UberEats gift cards. Anyone can fill the form out, although we're only allowed to gift to Harvard college students. 


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