About the Workshop

The REEH Kruzhok is a community of history graduate students and faculty that support each other's academic/intellectual/professional pursuits. The workshop exists primarily to provide graduate students with a venue for sharing and receiving constructive feedback on their work-in-progress (dissertation chapters, journal articles, etc.). Papers are pre-circulated (upon request). We encourage presenters to also provide readers with information about how the chapter fits into their larger project and/or specific concerns that they would like workshop participants to address. Presenters typically provide a short introduction (5 minutes) before we open the floor for a lively and productive discussion. Refreshments are provided.

Interested graduate students, post-docs, faculty, and visiting scholars (at Harvard or among our greater-Boston community) are warmly invited to join our kruzhok / hromada. We meet every other Thursday evening, 6-8 PM during the academic year. Please refer to the calendar for our 2018-2019 schedule.


Come join the conversation!


Please email Danielle Leavitt-Quist to be added to our mailing list, receive a copy of a pre-circulated paper, or for general information about the workshop: danielle_leavitt [at] g.harvard.edu