Randy Kiessig joined IQSS as an IT Support Specialist in May 2012.  Prior to starting at Harvard, he worked as a Windows/Unix Systems Administrator at Microsoft and a Unix Systems Administrator at Iron Mountain. Since 2015 Randy has been responsible for the CGIS/IQSS Computer Labs as well as the IQSS and ASAP computer classrooms.

In his spare time, Randy enjoys a plethora of hobbies, including reading everything he can, exploring the world, meeting new people,  fiddling with all sorts of technology and spending ample time with his old dog, Solo.

Recommended Apps:

Deliveries: This app allows you to track multiple tracking numbers for a large variety of shipping companies.  (iOS, macOS).
Forecast Bar: Easy tracking of the weather via a menu bar addon in macOS.  (iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS).
Boom3D: Gives great sound control on your Macbook. (macOS, Windows).
Coconut Battery: A quick way to look at battery health of your Mac, iPhone and iPad. (macOS, iOS).
App Cleaner: Allows through uninstalls of unwanted apps. (macOS).
Duet: Changes your iPad/iPhone into an external display for a macOS device. (iOS, macOS).
TouchSwitcher: Adds the ability to launch and switch between apps on the touchbar Macbook Pro.
Prey Project: Highly recommended secuirty app that will (hopefully) recover your stolen phone, laptop, tablet etc. (iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Android).