Welcome to the Rowland administrative resource website.

This page serves as a resource for the Rowland community to navigate the policies of both the Rowland Institute and Harvard University. Links to commonly required forms can be found in the listing to the left, and a short description of each form can be found below.


  • Buy 2 Pay Cheat Sheet - A Step-by-step instructions on how to submit requisition requests in the Buy 2 Pay (B2P) system.
  • Personnel Review Info Form - Form to be used by PI's who wish to hire paid or unpaid positions in their lab. Must be signed by Mike Burns and sent to the Executive Director prior to the start date of the new hire.
  • Undergraduate Guidlines - Rowland Institute at Harvard's guidelines for Undergraduate Students working in Labs.
  • Undergraduate Programs - Resource sheet listing Undergraduate Programs, funding sources, and guidlines.
  • Lab Safety Checklist - Chemical Hygiene Plan & Lab Safety Checklist, must be completed by all new employees and signed off by either the lab PI, or Diane Schaak the Rowland Safety Officer. Signed and completed formed to be returned to Executive Director.
  • Directory - Link to Rowland phone directory.
  • Purchasing procedures for standard purchases - Link to Procurement Policy information chart. Information on Procurement Policy and required forms can be found here: https://policies.fad.harvard.edu/procurement
  • Missing Receipt Affidavit (MRA) - Form to be used when the merchant did not provide a receipt or duplicate receipt cannot be obtained. MRAs must be used as exceptions, not on a regular basis in lieu of original receipts. Proof of payment is required to submit with the complete MRAs, except for P-Card transactions.
  • Travel & Reimbursement Policy Highlights - Summary sheet of various Harvard University policies and requirements.
  • Harvard Travel Resources - link to the Harvard Travel Services webpage