Ignacio Cirac

Prof. Ignacio Cirac

Director of Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics - Theory Division

Glauber Dynamics: from statistics to quantum information

In the broad scientific community, Roy Glauber is known for his pioneering work that established the field of Quantum Optics. However, he also made extraordinary contributions in other fields, like Scattering Theory or Quantum Statistical Mechanics. In this talk I will briefly review his paper on time-dependent statistics of the Ising model, which describes the dissipative dynamics of a set of spins. This work openeed up a new field of research, which is nowadays called Glauber Dynamics, and has influenced several generations of scientists. I will also review how Glauber Dynamics can help to solve problems in the field Quantum Information and Computation, as well as the description of many-body quantum systems in thermal equilibrium through tensor networks.