Marlan Scully

Prof. Marlan Scully

Distinguished Professor at Texas A&M University

Following Glauber and Bogoliubov: From Bose Einstein Condensation to Unruh Hawking Radiation

Professor Roy Glauber, our guide in so many fields of thought, has taught us that good physics unifies and unites seemingly different fields. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the studies of Bose Einstein Condensation (BEC) in weakly interacting gases. There we use a combination of Bogoliubov transformations and quantum master equations to calculate the fluctuations in an interacting Bose gas [1,2]. In other work we use Bogoliubov transformations in the analysis of Unruh acceleration radiation [3,4] and Hawking black hole radiation [5]. In these studies we show how the Bogoliubov  transformations on the one hand and virtual transitions on the other provide complementary insights.