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SACNAS is committed to creating a supportive academic environment for students in the STEM field at all levels and from all backgrounds. Here, we provide information about outreach opportunities, improving scientific communication, networking with faculty and other resources primarily aimed at students from backgrounds that are typically underrepresented in the sciences. 


Get Involved and Join our Chapter!

Any scientist or aspiring scientist that wants to be a part of our multicultural and multidisciplinary community should join! We are a community of scientists to help your experience at Harvard by providing mentors, professional development and outreach opportunities, social events across STEM fields, and a supportive environment to present your academic ideas. We need scientists to represent and help us with many outreach events to increase participation by members of groups underrepresented in STEM: African American, Latino and Latina, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Native American, as well as from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, first-generation, and LGBTQ. 

All students / faculty / staff are welcome to join, regardless of ethnic background. 

To become an official member:

1. Please fill out the SACNAS member form

2. Come to our meetings and events

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