Praising Śiva in two Genres: Māṇikkavācakar’s Tiruvācakam and Tirukkōvaiyār in Conversation by Sophia Nasti (Harvard University)


Thursday, February 6, 2020, 5:00pm to 6:30pm



Ninth-century Tamil saint Māṇikkavācakar is the author of two works of different genres, Tiruvācakam and Tirukkōvaiyār. While the first is collection of devotional hymns still recited in practice today, the second, modeled on classical poetry, is almost obsolete. This talk reconnects these works in an effort to recover a shared and mutually constitutive theological vision. By reading them together, it poses new questions about the implications of genre use and the nature of literary production in medieval Śaiva communities.

 Sophia Nasti is a doctoral student in the South Asian Studies Department at Harvard University and received an MTS from the Divinity School. Her research focuses on Śaiva devotional texts of South India in literary and historical perspective.


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