Sonia Barbosa photoSonia Barbosa is the Manager of Data Curation for the Harvard Dataverse, and Manager of the Murray Research Archive. Her responsibilities include initiating outreach and acquisitions of data for Harvard Dataverse, and promoting the use and benefits of the Dataverse tool and the Harvard Repository. Sonia leads training on using Dataverse, consults with users on organizing, cleaning, and preparing data for sharing and preservation, and provides curation support and guidance for users of  the tool.

Sonia also manages the data housed at the Murray Archive, a human  subjects social science data archive housing longitudinal data on the lives of women. She is responsible for curation of the collection, preservation of data related to the archive, and data processing and dissemination.

Sonia works closely with the Dataverse development team to increase awareness of the needs of the research community and provides usability feedback on the Dataverse features. She has over 23 years of data curation and management experience in the social sciences. She holds a BA in Psychology with a concentration in African American Studies from the College of the Holy Cross, 1995, and a BSN from Simmons College, 2009.