Recent News

7/27/2015 Our paper on single-cell oximetry is published in PNAS (and arXiv)!

7/20/2015 Our paper Gigapixel multispectral microscopy is published in Optica and receives a bunch of press.

9/16/2014 Bio-Optics World features the Optical Coulter Counter in its magazine

9/10/2014 Ethan and Giuseppe present a prototype of functional red blood cell analyzer at Strategies in Biophotonics

6/30/2014 Giuseppe's paper on single cell oxygen affinity measurements has been given an elusive oral presentation at this year's MicroTas conference.

6/24/2014 Ethan gives an invited talk at OSA's COSI conference, called "Volume by optical displacement"

4/1/2014 Tony joins the group to work on high-throughput microscopy

3/13/2014 Ethan presents a talk at MIT Lincoln lab on Computational Imaging Flow Cytometry

1/27/2014 In collaboration with Roy Malka and John Higgins at Mass General Hospital, we demonstrate an optical method to measure red blood cell volume and hemoglobin mass that we believe is more accurate than the clinical standard, published in the Journal of Cytometry.

1/16/2014 Our group begins a sponsored research program with Thermo Fischer to develop a lens array microscope in collaboration with Prof. Ken Crozier and Tony Orth at Harvard.

1/14/2014 A project that began when Guðfríður Möller visited our lab as a summer research student to build a tunable color camera has been published in Optics Letters.

9/13/13 We present two papers at the EOS Optical Microsystems conference in Capri, Italy.  One of which, "An optical coulter counter" was invited.

Image taken with our prototype color camera

Image taken using a Fresnel lens array