Green Infrastructure to Improve Water Quality

Exchange partners are collaborating with water managers, community groups, engineers, and ecologists to synthesize and communicate data on green infrastructure implementation barriers, stormwater performance, and water quality benefits.

The results will inform water management investment decisions and promote the adoption of effective green infrastructure by advancing next-generation designs that build on lessons from early adopters.


June 2015

Green Infrastructure: Lessons from Science and Practice

Researchers gathered data on the performance of eight green infrastructure technologies, including green roofs, grassed swales, constructed wetlands, and porous pavement. They analyzed the effectiveness of the technologies for reducing storm water volume in summer and winter, as well as six common pollutants. They found that green infrastructure holds great promise but performance varies by technology, season, and site. 


Charles T. Driscoll, Jr, PhD, Syracuse University (Project co-leader) (curriculum vitae)

David Chandler, PhD, Syracuse University (Project co-leader) (curriculum vitae)

Neil Bettez, PhD, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies (curriculum vitae)

Cliff Davidson, PhD, Syracuse University (curriculum vitae)

Caitlin Eger, MS, Syracuse University

Carli Flynn, PhD candidate, Syracuse University (curriculum vitae)

Peter Groffman, PhD, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies (curriculum vitae)

Babak Kasaee Roodsari, PhD candidate, Syracuse University

Kathleen Lambert, MS, Harvard Forest at Harvard University and Science Policy Exchange (curriculum vitae)