1/31/19: Visit to Union of Concerned Scientists

January 31, 2019

The Union of Concerned Scientists in a nonprofit organization founded 50 years ago with the goal of using science and evidence-based decision making to solve many of the most pressing issues that face our society today. By engaging experts in the field, the UCS aims to create practical solutions to provide for a better future. Among others, the UCS works to address global warming, scientific integrity, nuclear weapon nonproliferation, sustainability, and agriculture. Aside from learning the powerful role that the Union of Concerned Scientists plays in shaping policy through engaging experts and advocacy work, we will also hear about the types of careers at the UCS (currently, the UCS employs over 250 science, policy, and communication experts) and opportunities to get involved.

What: Visit to the Union of Concerned Scientists headquarters with the Harvard GSAS Science Policy group
Why: To learn about how the Union of Concerned Scientists uses scientific expertise to address and advocate for solving society's most pressing issues.
When: Thursday, January 31st at 4pm
Where: UCS HQ (located in Harvard Square)

Contact Garrett Dunlap (garrett_dunlap@g.harvard.edu) with any questions.

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