SiTN / Science Policy Blog Call for Writers!

August 22, 2019
The Harvard Science Policy Group and Science in the News are looking for writers who would like to explore the policy aspects and implications of science, especially on topics related to current events. No experience necessary! Articles will be published on the SiTN/Science Policy Blog.

We are currently recruiting graduate students who are interested in writing ~1000 words on a science policy article of their choice for a general audience. Writers will be assisted in the writing process by our editing staff and graphics designers.
Some examples of topics we would like to cover include:

  • NASA/Space policy: The future of NASA and science policy for space exploration
  • Optics and photonics: The growth of the photonics industry, such as fiber optic communication cables, and the intersection of private industry and government guidance and funding
  • Digital security: Given the never-ending stream of cyber attacks and hacks, how is (or should) the government ensure that public infrastructure and private companies are secure?
  • Nuclear weapons: What are the current anti-missle defense capabilities of the U.S., what does it take to become a nuclear power and how do we monitor nations’ nuclear capabilities?
  • 5G technology: What is it, and what kind of infrastructure or policy work needs to happen to make new cellular communications technology feasible? 
  • Virtual clinical trials: Running virtual clinical trials with remote, digital monitoring of patients can allay the costs of running clinical trials and allow patients who live far from trial sites to participate. They also come with concerns about patient privacy, safety, and accessibility.

If you are interested in writing on any of these topics or have suggestions for a topic of your own, please fill out this form. If selected, you will be contacted soon thereafter to schedule a date for your article to be published.

Feel free to reach out ( if you have any questions!