This is the web site for SCOTUSpoll, a new yearly national survey of Americans’ attitudes on the major Supreme Court cases conducted by scholars from Harvard University, Stanford University, and The University of Texas at Austin.

Our goal to explore how Americans feel about the major topics being decided by the Supreme Court.

This kind of investigation is critical. Surveys of Americans regularly report whether they agree or disagree with decisions made by Congress and by the President. SCOTUSpoll applies the same attention to Americans’ attitudes on issues handled by the Court.

Why? Not only does the U.S. Supreme Court serve as a branch of government co-equal to the President and to Congress -- one that rules on issues of utmost policy importance -- but the Court now has a new, solidified conservative majority. Is this more conservative Court representative of Americans' views on important policy issues? Or is it out of step?

Our most recent survey was conducted online using a nationally representable sample of 2,000 American adults by the polling firm YouGov between April 29, 2020 and May 12, 2020. A summary of our methdology and results be found here.