In recent decades, there has been a significant growth of academic interest in Southeast Asia among scholars in the humanities and social sciences. No longer being seen as merely an ancillary or sub-field for scholars of East and South Asia, the academic field of Southeast Asian studies has cultivated a strong demand for scholarships that focus on various aspects of the past and present of Southeast Asia.

    Recognizing such academic exigencies, the research workshop “Past and Present of Southeast Asia” is a forum for scholarly research on various aspects of Southeast Asia, from pre-modern to contemporary issues. This program is co-sponsored by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard University Asia Center, and it hosts a range of graduate students and senior scholars whose works address this theme throughout the year, including at least one visiting speaker and two graduate presenters per semester.

    Within this broad historical and geographical framework, we welcome papers that adopt a wide variety of perspectives and (inter-)disciplinary methodologies, including but certainly not limited to textual analysis, ethnographical research, and the use of media and visual materials. Papers from various disciplines are encouraged, these include, but not limited to, Literature, History, Philosophy, Anthropology, Religion, History of Science, Political Science, Sociology and all the area studies programs.

    It is our wish that, by bringing together students and scholars with various academic backgrounds and interests to discuss the latest scholarship on Southeast Asia, this program could stimulate scholarly dialogues and collaborations that would greatly strengthen both the width and depth of the academic research on Asia, at Harvard and beyond.

    If you have any inquiries or would like to present a paper, please contact Yang Qu, Graduate Coordinator of this workshop (yangqu@fas.harvard.edu).