Astronomy Dataverse

Astronomers use, peruse and produce vast amounts of scientific data. Making these data publicly available is important because it supports the reproducibility of results, and ensures their long term preservation and reuse. The Astronomy Dataverse is a Harvard repository created by the IQSS for the storage, access, and citation of reduced astronomical (observational or theoretical) data. Datasets are released with rich, Astronomy specific metadata and DataCite DOIs attached to them. This platform also provides for user/group access permissions and dataset versioning. The Seamless Astronomy group provides support for the Astronomer's Dataverse Network in the form of data curation, user workshops, and network administration. We are working with the Dataverse development team to implement astronomy specific features, such as ingest of FITS files, and to create a new simplified Dataverse application (Version 4; Beta: Spring 2014).  We are also connecting the Astronomy Dataverse to the literature indexing services provided by the SAO/NASA Astrophysical Data Service (ADS) and to the data indexing services of the Virtual Observatory (e.g., the US Virtual Astronomical Observatory).

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