Alberto Pepe: Astroinformatics: Linking scientific data and publications

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Thursday, March 3, 2011


University of California, Los Angeles

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Presented by Alberto Pepe at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Abstract: Astronomers produce and peruse vast amounts of scientific data. Making these data publicly available is important to enable both reproducible research and long term data curation and preservation. While an infrastructure is in place to make astronomical data available online, the linkages between these data and related scholarly publications are rarely published, due to the lack of a widely adopted standard mechanism for scientific data citation. Yet, many scientists currently cite data by simply including links to online datasets in their articles. These datasets may be hosted on astronomical survey repositories, data digital libraries, and personal websites. In this talk, I present the results of an exploratory bibliometric link analysis performed on a corpus of articles published in the leading astronomical journals in the past two decades. The analysis reveals how scientific data storage and citation practices have changed since the advent of the web and sheds light on the current data citation needs of the astronomical community.

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