Alyssa Goodman: The Close Relationship between Heart Disease and Sea Monsters

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Friday, November 30, 2012


CIERA Northwestern University

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ABSTRACT: This talk explores the role of high-dimensional data visualization in a variety of research areas. In fields as diverse as Astronomy, Medicine, Geology, and Genomics, the progress of research is now limited more by the speed of data analysis and understanding than it is by data acquisition. Rich online resources offer not only ever-larger tables of numbers, but also images, movies, and other high-dimensional data streams. And, most results of previous research are available on-demand thanks to a growing wealth of digitized literature. The talk offers real-world scenarios, focusing in particular on examples from Astronomy (including sea monsters in the sky) and Medicine (including how your doctor should look at your heart), where high-dimensional linked-view data visualization tools, such as the WorldWide Telescope and Glue software packages, have quickened the pace of insight.