Alyssa Goodman: Seamless Astronomy (+the Loch Ness Monster)

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


.Astronomy4, Heidelberg, Germany

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Alyssa Goodman's Keynote talk from the .Astronomy4 meeting held July 2012 at the Haus der Astronomie  and the IWH Centerin Heidelberg.

The talk begins with a quick overview of the Seamless Astronomy group's work, much of which was discussed (by Tom Robitaille, Michelle Borkin, Gus Muench, Alberto Pepe & Christopher Beaumont) during talks and unconferences at the meeting.

The meat of the talk focuses on the (then ongoing) story of an investigation of the nature of long skinny Infrared Dark Clouds like "Nessie," and their relationship with the structure of the Galaxy.  This investigation uses many .Astronomy-like tools, and is used as an example of how the tools are applied, but also of how "human intervention" and human connections and creativity are so important in research.