"The Sense(s) of Ancient Apocalypses and Their Temporalities"


This colloquium, organized in collaboration between the Enoch Seminar and Harvard Divinity School, aims to explore the varying historicities and temporalities present in ancient apocalyptic literature as a means to enhance our understanding of its historical and religious significance in terms of ontologies, epistemologies, and socio-political imaginations. To achieve this goal the colloquium will feature not only papers dealing with the better-known Jewish and Christian apocalypses of the Second Temple period and of Late Antiquity. Other ancient religious and cultural traditions will be part of the conversation and specific attention will be paid to the current and very lively debates that are taking place within anthropology of history.

The colloquium will have a concluding panel immediately preceding the Enoch seminar reception on Saturday November 18, 2017 at 7-9pm.


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Keynote Lecture_Charles Stewart

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