Research Assistant Opportunities

*The Sidanius Lab is no longer accepting applications for RA positions in Summer 2021. Check in with us in August regarding fall opportunities!!*


The Sidanius Lab is always on the lookout for strongly motivated Research Assistants to support its varied research program. Research Assistants (RAs) are welcome either on a volunteer basis, or for course credit (by enrolling in PSY 2570r or 910r). RAs are required to commit to a minimum number of hours per week depending on their enrollment and the lab’s needs. Individual researchers in the Sidanius Lab may require Research Assistants to attend RA meetings at their discretion to fulfill research needs.

Below is a description of ongoing research being conducted in the lab. To apply for a Research Assistant position, contact Shujianing Li ( with your CV and the brief RA application at the bottom of the page.

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**Check the individual researchers below for updated research needs**



Accepting RAs for the Spring 2021 semester


Primary Investigator: Asma Ghani

Research Topics: Generalized Prejudice and discrimination

 Research Overview: Why is it the case that people who are sexist also tend to be racist, xenophobic, and homophobic? My research examines the conditions under which prejudice is generalized across different targets. I have a few projects related to this question. In a related line of work, I am interested in how the interwoven nature of multiple social categories such as race, sexuality, religion and gender interact to influence experiences of prejudice and discrimination. In Spring 2021, I will be focusing on an intersectional research project, which simultaneously examines multiple categories of identity such as race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. The primary aim of this project is to examine stereotypes at the intersection of religion and gender and further examine the differential impact of these gendered stereotypes on discrimination and prejudice reduction.

Research Assistant Opportunities: I am looking for two RAs with excellent organizational skills, quantitative analysis skills, and ability to work independently. I am also looking for people who can conduct literature reviews on different projects and have prior experience with Qualtrics.

Expected hours: 10-15 hours per week.



Primary Investigator: Shujianing Li (NOTE: Shujianing is no longer accepting RA for the Spring semester)

Research Topics: Racial self-identification; leadership perception; emotion; Asian American; racial hierarchy

Research Overview: This semester, I will be working on two projects. My first project, in collaboration with Asma, looks at how pride perception is associated with East Asian Americans' perceived leadership motivation and effectiveness, power and status, and Americanness and foreignness. The intersectionality between race and gender is also explored in this project. My second project, in collaboration with kiera, looks at how individuals of Asian descent in the U.S. self-identify and the context dependency of such identification. The next steps would be to understand the connection between Asian individuals' self-identification and their atittudes and relations with other racial groups. 

Research Assistant Opportunities: I am looking for two RAs who are organized, punctual, collaborative, and self-motivated. Given the needs of my projects, it would be ideal if the RAs have some experience with R or is at least comfortable with statistics. Prior experience with conducting literature reviews, programming studies in Qualtrics, and developing study stimuli would be a plus but is absolutely NOT required. 

Expected Hours: 8-10 hours a week. RAs are expected to attend weekly project meetings (30 minutes) and are welcome to attend my meetings with Kiera and Asma. 





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