Asma Ghani

Asma Ghani

Graduate Student

Asma Ghani is fifth-year doctoral student in Social Psychology under the mentorship of Dr. Jim Sidanius. She completed her B.Sc. in Social Sciences from the Lahore University of Management Sciences in Pakistan. She then went on to pursue her M.S.Ed. in Counseling Education from Indiana University while on the Fulbright Scholarship. Her counseling experiences with underserved populations sparked her interest in researching prejudice and intersectional identities, leading to the pursuit of a PhD in Social Psychology.


At Harvard, she is broadly interested in questions of prejudice and discrimination. Her first line of research deals with examining the conditions under which prejudice is generalized across different targets. For example, why is it the case that people who are sexist also tend to be racist, classist, and xenophobic? In a related line of work, she is interested in how the interwoven nature of multiple social categories such as race, sexuality, religion, and gender interact to influence experiences of prejudice and discrimination.

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