Gregory K Davis

Gregory K Davis

Doctoral Student, African & African American Studies
Masters Student, Psychology
Gregory K Davis

Gregory Davis is a doctoral student in African American Studies with a concentration in Psychology. 

Gregory completed his bachelors in psychology in 2010 at Morehouse College, and completed his joint JD/MA in Law and Afro-American Studies at UCLA in 2014.  He is a former John H. Hopps Research Scholar and a current Point Foundation Scholar.  

Gregory studies the practice and rhetoric of admissions and hiring, particularly in a culture of diversity and inclusion.  He asks questions that relate the social psychology of evaluations with the policy and law of discrimination and affirmative action.  For example, what are the dynamics, philosophies, and policies of diversity and inclusion in higher education and hiring?  How do concepts like group identification, social dominance orientation, and identity salience influence how evaluators (such as an admission officer or a hiring manager) review applicants and their belongingness to the group? How can applicants best signal that they belong, and does this differ by the applicant's identity categories - be it race, gender, sexual orientation, or class? Finally, how can we use this information to make admissions/hiring, recruitment, and retention better within all levels?  An example project from Gregory's research asks, "Does triumph over adversity (through negative experiences) or exceptional opportunities (through positive experiences) garner more recommendations of admission to a college, and does this differ based on the expressed identity of the applicant and/or the identity of the evaluator?"

Gregory is originally from Detroit, MI, and is a proud product of the Detroit Public Schools.  He enjoys critically engaging with television, film, and other media, as well as walking and exploring.  He drinks all his milk, and always asks to be excused from the table.

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