Sa-kiera T. J. Hudson

Sa-kiera T. J. Hudson

Graduate Student

Kiera is a sixth-year doctoral candidate in Social Psychology. She completed her BA in Biology and Psychology from Williams College, doing a thesis under the guidance of Dr. Jennifer Randall Crosby on subjective power’s role in predicting the desires of in-group and out-group members. After college, she spent two years as a lab manager for Dr. Jenessa Shapiro in the Social Interaction and Social Stigma Lab at UCLA. Now at Harvard under the guidance of Dr. Jim Sidanius, Dr. Mahzarin Banaji, and Dr. Mina Cikara, she is interested in two broad questions: What are the origins of hierarchy and what occurs at the intersections of hierarchies?

In the Sidanius and Cikara Labs, she is interested in the psychological and biological underpinnings of social dominance by exploring the relationship between preferences for hierarchy (i.e. SDO) and testosterone levels as well as SDO and (counter-) empathy. In a separate line of work, she is examining how racial and gender hierarchies intersect as they relate to expressing and experiencing prejudice. In the Banaji lab, she is looking at the origins of social hierarchical perception by asking when and how children come to represent social categories of gender as social dominance hierarchies as well as the implicit representations of racial slurs.

Currently, Kiera is an Exchange Scholar in Jennifer Richeson's lab at Yale University.


Contact Information

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