2021 Summer Lecture Series

For internal invitaion only.

The summer lecture series organized by Dr. Nobuhiko Hata of Harvard Medical School started in 2020 to address the shortage of summer learning opportunities for students during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to lectures on state-of-art in medical robotics and medical image processing given by Harvard professors, scientists from Johns Hopkins University and Worcester Polytechnique Institute devoted their time and effort to present their recent research progress and inspire students to become next-generation innovators to transform medicine and bring new care to patients. The prevalence of and familiality to online learning platforms among the participating students and the lecturers also helped launch the program successfully.

We offer the summer lecture series again in 2021 to continue to inspire high school and undergraduate students and help them advancing to subsequent education programs in colleges and graduate schools. Recognizing the program's success in 2020, we are offering the course to the summer students of the lecturers' laboratory, not just Dr. Hata's, for the 2021 cohort. We are also offering the lectures to international interns participating in online research internships at the laboratories.  The currently confirmed lecturers are Dr. Iulian Iordachita (Johns Hopkins Univeristy), Drs. Haichong Zhang (Worcester Polytechnic Instsitute), and Drs. Junichi Tokuda and Pedro Moreira (Harvard Medical School).

Students are expected to attend lectures from 1100 to 1230pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, including lunch social with the speaker. Dr. Hata, the summer program director, also gives additional lectures to cover topics typically taught to post-doctoral fellows at Harvard Medical Schools. The topics of these Science 101 lectures include Manuscript & Scientific Writing, Research Rigor & Reproducibility, Responsible Conduct of Research, International aspect, and Leadership & Management. The class is taught in a casual and warm atmosphere. Any basic questions such as "what is MRI?" is indeed encouraged. 

After the summer internship lecture series, the students will be ready for an advanced undergraduate internship at colleges or graduate programs or use the experience they gained and interactions they will have had with the world's expert to recalibrate their career plans. Students are also encouraged to continue to reach out to the lecturers for career advice. If you are interested in attending this summer internship, please ask your internship supervisor to recommend participation. Dr. Hata is also welcome to receive questions at his email address hata@bwh.harvard.edu.