Application of open source image guided therapy software in MR-guided therapies


Nobuhiko Hata, Steve Piper, Ferenc A Jolesz, Clare MC Tempany, Peter McL Black, Shigehiro Morikawa, Horoshi Iseki, Makoto Hashizume, and Ron Kikinis. 2007. “Application of open source image guided therapy software in MR-guided therapies.” Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv, 10, Pt 1, Pp. 491-8.


We present software engineering methods to provide free open-source software for MR-guided therapy. We report that graphical representation of the surgical tools, interconnectively with the tracking device, patient-to-image registration, and MRI-based thermal mapping are crucial components of MR-guided therapy in sharing such software. Software process includes a network-based distribution mechanism by multi-platform compiling tool CMake, CVS, quality assurance software DART. We developed six procedures in four separate clinical sites using proposed software engineering and process, and found the proposed method is feasible to facilitate multicenter clinical trial of MR-guided therapies. Our future studies include use of the software in non-MR-guided therapies.