High-quality integral videography using a multiprojector


Hongen Liao, Makoto Iwahara, Nobuhiko Hata, and Takeyoshi Dohi. 2004. “High-quality integral videography using a multiprojector.” Opt Express, 12, 6, Pp. 1067-76.


Integral videography (IV) is an animated extension of integral photography. Despite IV's many advantages, the quality of its spatial images has thus far been poor; the pixel pitch of the display and the lens pitch are considered to be the main factors affecting the IV image format. Our solution for increasing pixel density is to use multiple projectors to create a high-resolution image and project the resultant image onto a small screen by using long-zoom-lens projection optics. We manufactured a lens array for the display device, and here we present experimental results on using two SXGA projectors. The pixel pitch and lens pitch of the new display are 85 mum and 1.016 mm, respectively. The multiprojector IV display device has a spatial resolution of approximately 1, 2, and 3 mm for image depths of 10, 35, and 60 mm, respectively, in front of and behind the lens array.