Writing Consultations in the Sociology Department


The Harvard Sociology Department offers writing advice to any student taking a sociology course, regardless of concentration. Book an appointment with the Departmental Writing Fellow to discuss a memo, paper, senior thesis, or any other writing assignment. The DWF is available at any stage of the writing process.

What Happens at a Writing Consultation?

At a writing consultation, the Departmental Writing Fellow will help students craft clear, convincing pieces of writing that are appropriate for sociology audiences. The DWF may discuss several aspects of the writing process, including: (1) crafting a strong thesis statement, (2) writing appropriate topic sentences, (3) structuring an essay, and (4) leveraging qualitative or quantitative data in support of an argument. While students may schedule a writing consultation at any stage of the writing process, students generally find sessions most valuable when they have a complete or partial draft for review.

How Do I Schedule a Writing Consultation?

Step 1. Schedule a 30-minute meeting with the Departmental Writing Fellow at Calendly.

Step 2. When you come to the meeting, bring with you (1) the assignment instructions, and (2) an outline or draft of your piece of writing (or, at the very least, your notes of brainstormed ideas). If you'd like, you can also email these to the DWF ahead of time. The DWF's email address is jwallerstein@g.harvard.edu.

Help, I'm Writing a Thesis!

We encourage all thesis writers to schedule an appointment (or multiple appointments) with the Departmental Writing Fellow. Send an email to the DWF at jwallerstein@g.harvard.edu as early as possible to coordinate a meeting time, as thesis chapters require greater advance preparation. The Sociology Department and the Harvard Writing Program have also developed a guide to writing the senior thesis in sociology.

Who is the DWF?


The Departmental Writing Fellow for 2022-2023 is Joseph Wallerstein, PhD Candidate in Sociology.