Logistical Information

Exploratory Seminar Leader: David Gruber, david.gruber@baruch.cuny.edu

Exploratory Seminar Leader: Robert Wood, rjwood@seas.harvard.edu

Event Manager: Amy Montilli, amy_montilli@radcliffe.harvard.edu

Website: Maura Madden, maura_madden@radcliffe.harvard.edu

This exploratory seminar will be held in the Coolidge Room, first floor, Knafel Center. Please find a link to our campus map here: http://map.harvard.edu/?ctrx=758131&ctry=2962235.

Please kindly note that guests who have traveled here to Cambridge will be staying at the Sheraton Commander Hotel. Please find logistical information below:

Sheraton Commander Hotel
16 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 
Phone (617) 547-4800